This technology enables developers to get a private API to their own high-performance product image search engine. A leap ahead of generic "reverse image search" solutions which look at all images in the same way, ProductAI® utilizes deep image retrieval models which are architected and trained specifically for select industries. This means that images are indexed with domain-specific semantics and are thus of significantly higher performance than a generic solution. For example, the ProductAI® fashion vertical custom search can enable street to shop scenarios with an index and detector aware of apparel style and materials, robust to lighting and angle changes. Build your own world-class product search app in minutes.


    This technology enables developers to automatically annotate product images with relevant information just like a human labeler can do, but with sub-second speed and a fraction of the cost. By just inputting an image which contains a product, ProductAI® will generate in real-time, highly relevant textual keywords utilizing specialized deep learning models adapted to select product verticals. Additionally, ProductAI® auto-tagging also offers object detection, e.g. will provide not just textual annotation, but also the spatial location information of the tag within the image. Finally, the auto-tagging doesn't just provide a single concept label per image, but multi-concept labels as well. Build your own world-class product tagger app in minutes.


ProductAI® SDKs enable using ProductAI® APIs easily in the programming language of your choice. You can use our SDK to send image queries and maintain your datasets.

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