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Smart Retail Solution


The next generation of retail will rely on machines that can “see” products as well as people can. Using breakthrough deep learning algorithms, scientists at Malong invented product recognition technologies which operate with high performance across the full stack of visual input levels to help improve efficiency, quality and safety:

(1) Online: Product Recognition Cloud APIs. To improve websites and apps, we offer fast, accurate and scalable cloud APIs to enable shopping from a photo or phone camera. Additionally, APIs can be used for recommendation, tagging, and reducing cart abandonment.

(2) In-Store: Product Recognition and No-Cashier Solutions. We offer in-store product recognition systems that visually identify products in customers’ carts, to enable grab-and-go shopping, provide sales insights, and protect against shrinkage. We also partner with our customers and hardware manufacturers to build custom, large-store-scale no-cashier solutions.

(3) Smart Convenience Cabinets. We offer smart convenience cabinets for a variety of office, residential and institutional scenarios. Using only their smartphones, customers can unlock the cabinet, take the items they wish to purchase, and submit payment as soon as they close the door. Smart convenience cabinets are easy to stock, monitor and operate.

Smart Retail Solution