AI for Product Recognition

Visual Product Search and Tagging APIs with Industry Leading Performance


Why Choose ProductAI?


ProductAI® provides state-of-the-art APIs and embedded systems for visual product recognition based on artificial intelligence. This technology enables the machine to "see" products like a person can – recognizing them holistically, without the need for barcodes. The ProductAI® platform makes this technology readily available to any business to enable high performance image retrieval and auto-tagging for products, such as fashion, furniture, textiles, wine and other food & household retail items.


The ProductAI® team is committed to offering the highest accuracy and speed of any product recognition PaaS on the market today. From the academic side, we have tested our technology against the relevant public benchmarks and found no published research paper with higher accuracies reported. From the industry side, we have tested against competing services and have yet to find a player that outperforms what we offer. In terms of speed, we have tested our image retrieval with various verticals up to index sizes of 20M and have yet to record more than 1 second of processing time on our servers.


ProductAI® has been battle-tested by billions of API requests in production, trusted by hundreds of enterprises, reaching over 100 million end-users. The platform offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It is the market-leading AI platform for select verticals, for example, the textile industry: 8 out of the top-10 biggest players in China use ProductAI®. Note that the entirety of ProductAI® in America, from all data to all services, runs on servers securely located in the United States and strictly adheres to the cyber security laws of the land. Additionally, ProductAI® is also available as an embedded system or server appliance, which can operate without a public internet connection.


The ProductAI® API is elegantly designed. Simple and secure language-specific SDKs have been created for Python, PHP, Java and C#, and open sourced on GitHub. We believe in the beauty of clean, well-documented and intuitive interfaces. We care deeply about the productivity of the developers that are building with ProductAI® and welcome pull requests for our SDKs from the community. Part of the appeal of ProductAI® is its affordability. Customers can build large-scale enterprise-ready services, such as an image search engine with millions of images, without fear of breaking the bank. The underlying technology continues to improve, increasing accuracy and reducing cost, while the interfaces remain stable.